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Highcharts is one of the most popular charting libraries in existence, being used by over 80% of the largest companies in the world. And not without a reason. It is packed with features, performant and its source code is open for everyone to read.

Spinney has opened up the library to the mobile world. Our mobile wrappers bridge the statically typed Java and Objective-C / Swift with library's Javascript engine. The wrappers are easy to use and allow to embed beautiful charts into mobile apps within minutes.

Our team is responsible not only for the creation of wrappers since day one, but also for developing documentation, maintaining github repositories, responding to issues and continously improving the experience according to users feedback.


  • Easily bring charts to live demonstrating complex relationships between data with live, dynamic updates of data and customizable animations.
  • The dedicated iOS wrapper for Highcharts is designed to work with iOS 8.0+. A convenient class infrastructure allows one to quickly embed charts in iOS apps, written in Objective-C or Swift. Distributed as framework, doesn’t require complicated setup.
  • The Android wrapper bridges the dynamic world of Javascript Highcharts and statically typed world of Java.
  • Javascript bridge allowing for the library to trigger native code to be executed.
  • Sophisticated Javascript parser/transpiler was developed in python to automatically generate class hierarchy for the wrappers whenever Highcharts API gets updated