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The science of app development

Spinney has evolved from our passion for better native software in the mobile space. Working over the years as consultants for various vendors we understood that we can deliver truly remarkable apps only by taking all the pieces of the development process together.

This integration means that we can pick up your idea, figure out its business viability, take you on the trip to our whiteboards filled with bright ideas, design the app and finally build it using the strongest technologies available.

Having scientific background we treat the design as an exploratory process, carefully tweaking the drafts and parameters for best results.


UX oriented
The unquestionable king of the present-day smartphone is its screen. Application visuals have never been more important. Spinney crafts beautiful modern graphics, blending newest trends with our unique style. Bringing designs to life we never forget about amazing animations.
We pride ourselves in being one of the few software houses that incorporate backend-level testing technologies into the mobile space. We use unit as well as UI tests, working in TDD where possible. This leads to an increase in code quality and allows us to provide a full continous integration solution. Evaluate builds of your apps in weekly intervals and explore all the benefits of regression testing!
Responsive design
With thousands of different screen sizes on the market it is now more important than ever to design the app responsively. Using Storyboards and Autolayout (iOS) and ConstraintLayout (Android) we provide a highly maintainable and scalable UI code that looks beautiful on all the screens.
We use Swift in our iOS apps to endow our code with lasting beauty. We support the legacy Objective-C when needed and native Android development using Kotlin and Java. We have experience building React Native apps in Javascript as well. On the backend we use either Node.js or Clojure - a modern day flavor of LISP based on the solid foundations of Java. Frontend development is done using Sass, Clojurescript / Javascript and Facebook's React library.
Offline capability
The Data Layer of a mobile app is one of its most delicate components. We therefore use tested-and-tried Core Data (iOS) / Room (Android) ORM coupled with Lambdaconnect - our open source incremental synchronization solution. This gives our apps an offline mode, local caching and server-side conflict resolution - all needed to smoothly operate huge amounts of data.
We work in Scrum, delivering weekly updates and absorbing customer feedback into next iteration. Such an incremental process gives you an opportunity to verify ideas and see the app as it matures.
Team Section

The Spinney team

Spinney's team consists of more than a dozen of world-class designers, mobile, backend and web developers.

MACIEJ TRYSTUŁA CEO An enterpreneur and management guru. Successfully delivers large international projects serving millions of users. An inspiring leader and negotiator, open and enthusiastic towards people. Being an expeirenced chess player, Maciej is meticulous in his decision-making, displaying remarkable integrity and straight thinking. An avid paraglider and cinemaniac.
MAREK LIPERT CTO Technology expert with academic background. Fifteen years of software development experience. Software architect and team builder working with customers from USA, EU, Australia and New Zealand. Sea skipper and natural leader.

I can highly recommend Spinney to anyone seeking a professional software development company.

Andrzej Wójtowicz

CEO - Familia

Spinney is an excellent technology company to have as a partner. It was a pleasure to work with them.

Jill Sherman

CEO - Modalyst

Spinney delivered a robust mobile and web solution that far exceeded our expectations. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.

Łukasz Dyląg

CEO - VoicePIN

It was a pleasure working with Spinney. They are smart developers with a quality mind set. The project was completed successfully and we will certainly contact them again for future work.

Ben Rooney

CTO - Fitmo

Spinney has developed our iPhone app. Great to work with. Excellent communicators and great attention to detail. Particularly impressed with the proactive suggestions to improve UX. Looking forward to working together in the future.

Trevor Ausbruch

CEO - Fillin