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Growing your software

Our vision

All successful businesses start with a simple, innovative idea. Henry Ford thought about an affordable automobile. Brin and Page had a vision of an accurate index for the web. An idea is only a start of the journey. It is the execution that allows a project to succeed. Spinney is there to help you on every step of the way.

We can help you situate your idea in the market setting.

We can design the user experience of your app and create the appropriate visual designs.

We can develop and deploy the product so that millions of users can appreciate unique idea you have envisioned.

Our clients


We employ the brightest minds

Our team comprises of best Polish universities' graduates. We care to attract and retain talent and use elaborate recruitment procedures and exams to ensure our employees meet the high standard.

Your success is our success, your failure is our failure

We always fully align with the customer, bringing all the resources the app needs to be auspicious.

Communication is the king

Misunderstandings kill apps much faster than competition. We employ agile not only as a process but as a philosophy. Quick iteration and fast reaction to customer feedback are our distinctive attributes.


Devotion and diligence are at the very core of our operation - be it a tight deadline, an unusual challenge, a difficult or unexpected problem - you can count on us delivering.


We employ a modern choice of technology to provide robust, reliable and scalable software. Clojure and Datomic on the backend, React on the frontend and a choice of either native or React native mobile stack.

Artificial intelligence

We integrate products we build with ChatGPT and Amazon Web Services AI to provide them with advanced capabilities such as text comprehension, chatbots and image recognition.


Case studies