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Our vision

Spinney has a passion for creating better native software for mobile devices. Over the years, the company has worked with various clients and learned that the best way to deliver amazing apps is bybringing all the parts of the development process together. This means Spinney can take your idea, figure outif it makes good business sense, help you come up with ideas, design the app and finally build it using the bestavailable technologies.

Our clients

UX Oriented

Spinney creates eye-catching app designs with modern graphics and captivating animations to make your app stand out on any screen.


Our apps are built with Swift for iOS and Java/Kotlin for Android. We also support Objective-C for legacy projects.We use Ionic and React Native for cross-platform app development, using Javascript and Clojurescript, and React for frontend. Our backend is built with Node.js or the modern language, Clojure.

Responsive Design

Spinney creates visually appealing app interfaces that adapt to any screen size using techniques such as Storyboards and Autolayout for iOS and ConstraintLayout for Android for easy maintenance and scalability.


We pride ourselves in being one of the few software houses that incorporate backend-level testing technologies into the mobile space. We use unit as well as UI tests, working in TDD where possible. This leads to an increase in code quality and allows us to provide a full continous integration solution. Evaluate builds of your apps in weekly intervals and explore all the benefits of regression testing!

Offline capability

For our mobile apps, we use a data management system that provides offline capability, local data storage, and conflict resolution. This helps our apps run smoothly even with large amounts of data.


We use a flexible and collaborative approach to app development called Scrum. This means we work in short, focused sprints and deliver updates to you every week. This approach allows for constant improvement and gives you the chance to give feedback and see your app grow and evolve in real-time.


Case studies